Whether it’s your first home purchase or fifth, the process can seem daunting and complicated. I start by discussing your goals.

The first question I ask in any consultation is what is your ​why?

By identifying why it is you’ve decided to embark on this experience, knowing the reasons can help me better understand how I can provide the best advice possible through the entire process.

Next, we discuss your needs in detail and work together to prioritize them to ensure we can achieve what it is you desire most out of your home purchase journey. Almost any hurdle can be overcome at every stage of the process but knowing what is most important to you from the start through open communication will make sure we’re always on track towards reaching your goals.

Every single home listing is different and needs to be approached with a strategy tailored specifically to it. My goal is to help you secure your next home for the lowest price possible.

How do you determine what to offer?

These are questions you should ask before negotiating a contract on any home:
• How many days has this listing been on the market?
• How many other bidders are there?
• What is motivating the seller and how urgent is their need to sell?
• What other terms aside from price can make my offer more competitive?

My strategy goes beyond advising you to offer list price and waiving contingencies as some agents in our market have become known for doing. Sure, there are competitive situations in which that may happen to be the best method for securing the sale. But more often than not, there is room for negotiation and I do my absolute best to aggressively negotiate the best terms possible for my clients.

Consistent reevaluation of your purchase strategy is crucial to making sure you’re in control in the face of a moving market. I make sure to let my clients know of what’s happening in a broader sense and feel that properly setting and managing expectations throughout the whole process is the single most important aspect of my role in helping you purchase your next home.

After we’ve secured and negotiated a contract to your satisfaction, I help in advising you on how you to best tackle every step of the transaction experience. From home inspection to financing through appraisal, I work hard to make sure we reach the closing day finish line.