Selling an asset as valuable as your property shouldn’t be handled in a way as simple as taking photos and sticking a sign down in front of it.
The process demands a thorough and comprehensive overview of what your property can realistically sell for against what the condition of our overall market happens to be at that time.

I start by providing my clients a data intensive analysis and honest assessment of property value. This will serve as the foundation of a pricing strategy geared towards maximising the marketability of the listing. We will go through estimated costs for the transaction, what you can expect to take away from the closing table, and what options you have to minimize expenses associated with the sale.

There may also be hurdles you find yourself against in the runup to listing including existing tenants, substantial repairs needing to be made, and possible financing dilemmas buyers will face trying to purchase in your development (specific to condominium owners). I take great care in developing a thorough plan of action to help address and manage any and all preparations needed to get your property ready for sale.

I look forward to talking to you about how I can be of help when it comes to selling your property. For a no-obligation assessment of your property’s value, contact me today.


Do you have tenants currently renting your unit? Are you fully aware of what tenant’s rights are and how to navigate the sale process without putting yourself at risk of having to pay a substantial amount of money prior to closing? The DC Tenant Oppurtunity to Purchase Act can present considerable difficulties and hurdles in your way when it’s time to sell. I would be happy to give you an overview of ways you can approach the situation that will ensure compliance with all local laws while minimizing your liability in navigating the process

Contact me today to find out how I can help. I look forward to talking to you about your next home purchase.